A new Hellinida is born…

Hellinida is a not-for-profit foundation located in United States that is committed to supporting women of Hellenic descent all over the globe professionally and financially.


The Hellinida Foundation supports women of the Hellenic Diaspora succeed in their professional and life goals by offering workshops, networking opportunities, access to capital, and raising awareness of their accomplishments and their rights. The Foundation bolsters pride in a Hellenic woman’s identity and culture. 

In the aftermath of the Eurocrisis and the global recession, it is even more vital for Greek women to seek out relationships to foster their personal and professional growth. Giving access to networks of successful women entrepreneurs and professionals to younger women, especially to serve as role models, allows them to develop their full potential in their many-faceted roles as women in their respective communities.

Central to a woman’s quest for success is access to capital and financial literacy. It is the aim of the Hellinida Foundation to set up promising female entrepreneurs with micro-loan programs and access-to-capital programs, both corporate and not-for-profit, that can fund their endeavors.


EDUCATE: Spiritual and Cultural Renewal for Greek Women of the Diaspora.

ADVOCATE:  Financial Independence for Hellenic Female Entrepreneurs.

CELEBRATE: Recognizing and Celebrating Hellenic Women’s Achievements.


Our e-shop was created with the aim of helping Greek women entrepreneurs bring their products and creativity to a larger market.  All of the products on our e-shop are made by small, home-based craftswomen looking to supplement their incomes to weather the storms of the financial crisis or more often than not, to provide for their families as their husbands are unemployed.

For a small vision of what it will look like, check out e-shop.