Hellinida Foundation exists to educate, advocate and celebrate women of Hellenic descent the world over.  It has allowed women from all parts of the Hellenic Diaspora achieve their life goals by increasing self-esteem, by uniting them to their culture and to each other, and by realizing their dreams as professionals and entrepreneurs.  

While there are other Greek women’s organizations in existence, they focus on professional networking exclusively, to the exclusion of cultural, artistic and community-building events. The Hellinida Foundation is more inclusive, more global, and more multi-faceted than established organizations. 


  • Empower young women with workshops focused on building self-esteem, practicing effective communication skills, developing conflict resolution skills, fostering positive self-image, resolving gender role conflicts, mitigating stress, making positive life choices, and related issues
  • Provide networking possibilities with successful female role models via virtual and/or physical events
  • Develop financial programs, including access to capital and micro-loans, to spur entrepreneurship in women of Hellenic descent both in Greece and across the globe
  • Develop and run an electronic marketplace, The E-Agora, that features handicrafts made by female entrepreneurs in an effort to sustain families hit hard by unemployment due to the effects of the Eurocrisis
  • Celebrate Greek women’s identity and achievement by hosting events and speakers honoring the role of Greek women in their societies
  • Publicize the successes and accomplishments of dynamic Greek women with yearly awards and publication via website and social media platforms