In the aftermath of the Eurocrisis and the global recession, it is even more vital for Greek women to seek out relationships to foster their personal and professional growth. Giving access to networks of successful women entrepreneurs and professionals to younger women, especially to serve as role models, allows them to develop their full potential in their many-faceted roles as women in their respective communities.

Central to a woman’s quest for success is access to capital and financial literacy. It is the aim of the Hellinida Foundation to set up promising female entrepreneurs with micro-loan programs and access-to-capital programs, both corporate and not-for-profit, that can fund their endeavors.

Commitment to Success: Hellinida seeks the highest standards of  success from its members and those it serves.  When they succeed, we succeed.

Empowerment:  Hellinida seeks to empower women Hellenic women across the globe to reach their fullest potential in their multi-faceted roles as daughters, professionals, mothers, wives, community members.

By building pride in their identity and heritage, they will be more emboldened to seek positive changes in their societies and themselves.  By bonding together as a one voice, they will be empowered to seek systemic changes to equalize inequities in income, interpersonal relationships, and access to capital.

Inspiration:  Hellinida believes that for women to self-actualize, think and act in ways that unleashes their true potential, they must be inspired.  It seeks to inspire and be inspired by those who it serves.

Community:  Hellinida is all about building community, but building it outside the conventional venues for Greek women to network at Church, school, work.  It seeks to build community based on universal Hellenic values, shared history and heritage, and on pride and shared identity as Greek women.

It is more than just a networking organization; it is a portal of pride for women across ages and cultures to revel in what it means to be a powerful and successful woman.